Volt Europe’s Damien Boeselager (MEP) on European Citizenship

Join Danno and Rob in this impactful episode of the Nederlander Blijven podcast, featuring Damian Boeselager, Member of the European Parliament from Volt Europa. This episode delves into the complex world of dual nationality, viewed through a uniquely European perspective.

Damian shares the origin story of Volt, a movement that arose in response to the upheavals of 2016, such as Brexit and the US presidential elections. He details Volt’s vision for a democratic Europe where every citizen’s voice matters in crafting a common future.

The discussion pivots to the concept of European citizenship and the challenges presented by the current legal frameworks, where sovereignty is fragmented among member states. Damian makes a compelling case for establishing true European citizenship, enabling full and equal participation for all in a unified Europe.

Amidst a rise in far-right movements, the episode underscores the urgent need for proactive efforts to foster an inclusive European identity. Danno, Rob, and Damian explore the hurdles of integration and acceptance in member states like the Netherlands and Germany, advocating for an identity that is both open and robust.

This episode is a rallying cry for anyone committed to advancing fairer nationality laws across Europe. Listen as Danno and Rob drive the conversation forward, aiming to inspire change and mobilize support for updating Dutch laws to end the crusade against dual nationality.

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